The Best Way to Carry a Heavy Handbag!

I am going to be honest there is no best way unless you’re using your handbag as free weights to work out like the photo. The best way is not to carry a heavy bag, but for someone like me that carry heavy bags below are a few tips we can use to help. I hope this will help you discover a better way to lighten up the load of a heavy handbag.

  1. Only carry 15 percent of your body weight! For example, if you weigh 150 pounds aim to only carry 22 pounds at most. This will help you not to alter your posture or have spinal problems.

  2. Keep your heavier items at the bottom of your handbag.

  3. Use a Purse Organizer! Using a Purse Organizer will help you keep the weight down and keep your bag organized. To purchase a Purse Orgnanizer click here to order.

photo credit: @purseblog

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